„Academy of physical recreation of the borderland- through sport and recreation towards cooperation and integration”.

Association of the Krosno Development Sport together with partners from the Polish side and from the Slovak side is carrying out a project entitled. “Academy of physical recreation of the borderland – through sport and recreation towards cooperation and integration”, implemented as a part of the Operational Program of the Cross-Border Cooperation Republic of Poland – Slovak Republic 2007-2013.

Period of implementation

October 1 2013 – June 30 2014

Aim of the project

The increase in the quality of life and the promotion of health amongst the Polish-Slovak communities of the borderland, including the promotion of sports activity of disabled people and elderly people, through creating paths of the physical recreation, creation of the qualified, cross-border staff of instructor/animators of the physical recreation, and of interactive tools: of an Internet portal along with the mobile instructional application.

The addressees of the project (target groups)

•             Residents of the Polish – Slovak borderland;

•             Tourists, community of the Polish – Slovak borderland, marginalized groups;

•             Participants in the instructor’s course, animators of physical recreation upgrading their skills;

•             Non-governmental organizations and colleges of the Polish – Slovak borderland using from the experience of the partner entities cooperation in this project, taking the example from established cooperation;

•             Local government units gaining paths of the physical recreation on their area and qualified instructors stuff, and thus a new offer in the recreational tourism;

•             Spectators, fans of I Cross-Border Nordic Walking.

Description of the actions:

The project consists of 4 modules connected with its realization:

Module I – Organization of the training cycle for instructors of the physical recreation: animators of the physical recreation;

Module II – Creation of physical recreation path in Krosno and Presov;

Module III – Creation of interactive tools of the project;

Module IV – Organization of I Cross-Border Nordic Walking on the route of physical recreation path.

Cross-border influence of the project

The project impact will be perceptible on both sides of the border due to:

•             Trained as a part of the project, the cross-border staff of instructors of the physical recreation;

•             Direct participants of the instructor’s course from Poland and Slovakia;

•             Creating the trilingual mobile instructional application;

•             Increase of the attractiveness of the borderland region associated with the creation of a new recreational infrastructure, thereby increasing the number of tourists;

•             Participation of residents (both from the Polish side and from the Slovak side) in I Cross-border Nordic Walking;

•             The creation of a web portal (Polish, Slovak and English-language version), serving communication of community on both sides of the border;

•             Promotion of the project in Poland and on Slovakia (press, web portals, posters, promotional folders).

The other partners of the project are:

From the Polish side:

•             Krosno Commune;

•             State Training College of Stanislaw Pigon name in Krosno

•             NOVI Foundation.

From the Slovak side:

– Rocky Edge.