In connection with the implementation of the project entitled “Academy of physical recreation of the borderland – through sport and recreation towards cooperation and integration”, Association of the Krosno Development Sport together with partners from both Polish and Slovak side is announcing the recruitment for a free:


The recruitment procedure consists in sending a filled up and signed up application form along with attachments to the address held on 15-28 January 2014 (an order of applications is deciding).

The training cycle will include 150 hours – 90 hours a specialized part of the course and 60 hours the general part of the course. The meetings will be conducted as a part of 20 weekend meetings in the period from January to June:

Qualified coaches will be conducting the training cycle, equipping participants with the knowledge and technical and methodological abilities needed to teach physical recreation. The course will end with an examination, after its positive passing the participant will obtain the card confirming acquired instructor’s qualifications.

Participant can be an adult, who on their own initiative wants to raise their qualifications and skills, fulfilling the conditions determined in the RULES OF THE COURSE.

Every Participant of the course on their own provides the sports equipment (small sticks) and access to trainings (the area of Krosno City); the Organizer provides food during each of the training meetings.

People finally qualified for the project, will be required to provide original documents, not later than the day before the planned beginning of the course.

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