Beneficiaries and project partners

Project partners:

•             Krosno Commune

•             State Training College of Stanislaw Pigon name in Krosno

•             NOVI Foundation

•             Rocky Edge

The following target groups are addressees of the project:

- residents of the Polish – Slovak borderland: women and men including disabled people and elderly people, tourists using created paths of the physical recreation, mobile instructional application, participating in the recreational competition

 - tourists, community of the Polish – Slovak borderland, marginalized groups (people with disabilities, people over 50 years of age), using the functionality of the web portal, by which will be provided information about the recreational offer of the borderland, the opportunity to express the opinion on critical issues related to the sports activity of the Polish-Slovak;

 - Participants of the instructor’s course, animators of physical recreation upgrading their qualifications,

 - Project group which will establish direct contacts with representatives of partner organizations, will exchange experience, views widening by that their knowledge and abilities, among others, organizational, interpersonal, linguistic,

 - Non-governmental organizations and colleges of the Polish-Slovak borderland using from experience of the cooperation of partner entities in this project, taking an example from established cooperation

 - Self-government units gaining paths of the physical recreation and the qualified instructor’s staff on their area and thus a new offer in terms of recreational tourism.

 - Spectators, fans of I Cross-Border Nordic Walking, in which will be seeded a desire for the active involvement in subsequent initiatives of this type undertaken by partner organizations.;

The project will indirectly influence organizations, institutions promoting the recreational activity and commerce institutions, tourist organizations due to the increase attractiveness of the borderland region.

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